new flavors of tea for Queen Mad Hatter’s party

Along in that grim, dark silence

Sinister wrath lay in pretense

Frilly parties, cheerful cadence

All to conceal grave abhorrence


A fair elegance clad in black

A host sweet as scented lilac

Long since trapped inside a shellac

Lo, Queen Mad Hatter is now back!


In a humble forest, they feast

To enjoy at the very least

Marquis Hare, Count Dormouse, Alice

And of course, the host of parties


The purpose of this gathering

Is for them to start on something

New flavors they’re formulating

‘Tis for the Queen’s new beginning


Vergissmeinnicht, forget it not

Remembrance, from that big tea pot

Erinnerung, better served hot

Memento, gives you the best shot


Memoirs, it will make your day shine

Kioku, it’s worth all your dime

Moodswings, it changes every time

Regrets, it’s bitter but it’s fine


Now all set, the party will start

New flavors, comes in a la carte

All are made from her broken heart

And this time she will play it smart


tea story en route:

welcome to Queen Mad Hatter’s tea party!

no more tea parties for Queen Mad Hatter

Queen Mad Hatter’s new tea set


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