a cup of tea at Ütherworld

Welcome to Ütherworld tea shop

Relax while the secondhand stop

Savor every single tea drop

Queen Mad Hatter pour on your cup


It’s a typical afternoon

A golden sun, an absent moon

Birds singing in a lovely tune

A  scenic view on third of June


With one sip of tea, you will feel

That the world completely stood still

Warmth shall flow in that lifeless chill

All the pain and heartbreak will heal


She especially served you Moodswing

Its taste changes to anything

It’ll reflect your heart’s ringing

That’s the flavor you’ll be tasting


Slowly, the whole world fades away

It’s as if you hear Lorelei

Everything you know turns to gray

What remains is this serene day


Your soul fell into deep slumber

Your mind felt a little lighter

Your heart now stopped being somber

Your smile now shines so much brighter


And this is Queen Mad Hatter’s tea

A cup meant for those who’s worthy

A taste that shows your true beauty

This will be her best legacy


tea story en route:

welcome to Queen Mad Hatter’s tea party!

no more tea parties for Queen Mad Hatter

Queen Mad Hatter’s new tea set

new flavors of tea for Queen Mad Hatter’s party



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