welcome to Queen Mad Hatter’s tea party!

​There, at the heart of the forest

A bizarre lady lay in rest

Hosting parties at its finest

In which a man started his quest


She calls herself Queen Mad Hatter

Young and kind and prim and proper

With tea on her humble diner

She welcomed the Baron Trickster


On the clearing, a lone table

Dressed in dried old leaves of maple

On top, a tea set in purple

Especially made for the nobles


With a behest, she poured the tea

On the cup of her guest with glee

In which the Baron made a plea

“I’ll stay for tonight, please agree”


She was surprised but took it still

Apart from tea, she offered meal

She believed it was a good deal

To have a buddy she could feel


On and on they endlessly chat

They know they clicked right off the bat

She admired him and believed that

He’s the man she’ll only look at


With blissful euphoria, she hoped

Never again that she would cope

In this sullen forest she moped

Finally freedom she’ll not grope


Then morning came, the man arose

Filled with fear, Queen Mad Hatter froze

Said he came only for a toast

Of the best tea everyone boasts


So Baron Trickster then sojourned

Back to the land where he was born

Alone again, the queen was torn

And with it the heavens had mourned


So she’s back to reality

Drunken in hollow tea parties

Trapped in lovely disparity

In Queen Mad Hatter’s tea party


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