no more tea parties for Queen Mad Hatter

​Time and time again, there she is

Bearing insignia fleur-de-lis

Queen Mad Hatter and her fake bliss

Holding parties for the bourgeois


Now and then, she welcomes a guest

Offering tea served at its best

With that she had but one request

To give a word to her dearest


All this time she hoped for nothing

For him she’ll give up everything

Her dream ever unrelenting

To live in that happy ending


Slowly, the taste of her tea changed

It has become sour and deranged

Her customers are now enraged

To her parties they disengaged


She saw her world crumbling apart

All because she followed her heart

Her classy tea sets come in shards

She’s no longer a piece of art


Then her beauty faded away

A young lady but old and gray

Loss brought her into disarray

‘Tis because she longed for that day


Now in the forest she’s alone

No more tea parties, all forgone

With her life story left undone

There’s no more place she can call home
tea story en route:

welcome to Queen Mad Hatter’s tea party!


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