Queen Mad Hatter’s new tea set

Almost buried deep in the snow

Four tea cups shine with a fine glow

Madness, Ruthless, Bloodlust, Deathblow

With a note, “Queens never stoop low”


‘Twas a gift for Queen Mad Hatter

From Alice, a girl commoner

She’s a regular customer

Who cared for her like a sister


Mad and broken, alone all day

Her beautiful locks turned to gray

Then Alice came from far away

To save her day without delay


One by one she picked her pieces

Fixed her before her fire ceases

Slowly, she smoothened her creases

Finished it with hugs and kisses


Alice may not be a noble

And may disappear like bubble

But she saved the queen from trouble

Even if it’s almost gamble


There they are, her four new tea cups

Nobly designed with buttercups

Curiously there’s one she picked up

With a smile she made a hiccup


With a new found faith, she’ll stand tall

To rise again she’ll give her all

To Baron Trickster, her downfall

To Queen Mad Hatter you will fall


tea story en route:

welcome to Queen Mad Hatter’s tea party!

no more tea parties for Queen Mad Hatter



6 thoughts on “Queen Mad Hatter’s new tea set

  1. Well written both this and the previous one “no more tea parties for Queen Mad Hatter”. You’re also doing good job in naming your story. The titles of your story has the quality in increasing the interest of the readers to read your story. Good job carry on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it started with “welcome to Queen Mad Hatter’s tea party”
      I made it because it’s lingering in my imagination, while I’m on hiatus with my other story…
      Thank you for boosting my confidence! 😊😊😊
      I feel like doing my very best! 😁😁😁

      Liked by 1 person

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