Hikikomori Hatsuka~ <3


I know it’s weird that after having a blog site for months now, it is only now that I thought of making a proper ‘About Me’ page. So yeah, it’s weird, but please don’t get mad at me.

Just to update things, I’m now 23 years old, single, and working as an auditor for the government of my homeland, Philippines. I do this because I think of it as an advocacy, to serve my country.

Now, as to why I named my site ‘Hikikomori’s Lair,’ well, it is because I am the type of person who hates going outside of our house. Perhaps you can consider me as a recluse. But of course, a real hikikomori is an extreme case, and I’m nowhere near that. But if ever you’re mistaking me for an introvert, the answer is no, I am not. In fact, all this time, I’ve believe myself to be introverted until just recently. I’m an ambivert but more close to an extrovert than an introvert. So there.

With regards to my blog site, for those who have been my avid readers, you already know that this page’s content have nothing much in common except for being written by me. It’s pretty much diversified, as I wanted to write about just anything. For the most part, I wanted to be a sensible writer, only which I fail at times. This has also become my emotional dumpsite, as I write things about my pain, and the things I’m going through. I’m not really a fan of diaries ever since, but you may consider this blog site as one.

And oh yeah, I forgot to mention my name. I’m Jenelle Yanka Gonzales, and you may call me Yanka.


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