Hey there folks! Been a while!

Okay, I’ll share some funny thing about myself. This is something I have noticed for a few years now. It’s about kids (or brats, as I call them). They’re not really brats, the annoying type of kids. I call them brats simply because, I just want to call them brats.

So, here’s the thing about them. I noticed that these brats have some sort of fascination on me. It’s not like I hate kids (brats), but, I’m not really the type who love kids a lot. But these…brats…well, they seem to be attracted to me in some weird way…It’s like I’m producing some sort of pheromone or something that lures them to come to me. And I was like, “Hey kid, why are you staring at me? You’re creeping me out!”

But of course, I don’t say it out loud. I just avert my eyes, try to focus myself on something else entirely, then when I look back, they’re still staring at me!

At other times, there are kids who would smile at me, shyly, like how kids smile on the people they really like. And I was like, “Hey brat, do I know you?”

But also of course, I don’t say it out loud.

Whenever these things happen, I really wanted to shrink in embarrassment, promise! Sometimes, I would play with the child, if the circumstances so permit, but usually, I just smile and avert my eyes. It’s not like I can’t stand them. I just can’t stand them long enough!

I mean, c’mon, don’t you agree it’s kinda creepy? Kids suddenly being attracted to you, when there are a lot more other people they can be attracted to? Why is it that out of all the human beings around a single infant, that infant would choose to stare and smile at me? Why? Do I look like their mom? Do I look that friendly? How come?

Anyway, I should probably think of it as something positive, than scare myself, eh?

I wonder if other people experience it too…


6 thoughts on “Brats…

  1. I attract kids and pets a like, not because I do not like them, but I do not know how to interact with them… I think both kids and pets recognize a “value” in the person who does not bother them with constant nagging and interest. Maybe they like this freedom and maybe that is what is happening with you….

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