Back to Otaku life

Let’s see…

All this time, I’ve been claiming that I am an otaku. Well, yes, I do am. But let me just clarify that I am more of an anime otaku. Okay, I think that confuses things more. Maybe I should define ‘otaku’ first, eh?

Otaku (おたく/オタク) is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and manga fandom. Meaning, it can be obsession to anything, only that it was commonly associated to anime and manga.

I am more on the anime fandom (rather than the manga).

So there, many people who knew me personally thinks that my very existence is synonymous to anime. That’s why when I have been posting something different lately, everyone thought that I am acting weird. Well, yeah, kind of…

During most of my college life, my mother usually spends time nit-picking my anime addiction to the point that we are usually bickering about it. She would comment on how I binge-watch anime more than I open my accounting books. She would also tell me that once I graduated college, I would be having a lot of time watching them, so I have to focus on studying first before I marathon another anime series.

She did have a point though, and I do remember that. I really did have a lot of time watching them now, since I have a lot of spare time. Only that…I don’t have the enthusiasm to do so…

Let’s see…

I find it hard to withstand watching even a 10-minute clip of anime short film. What more if I am oblige to watch a whole series?

Since I graduated from college, the most I can watch is a 13-episode anime series (and it has to be very, very interesting for me to last that much!) I don’t know. I still like anime and would continue to choose it over a live action, but I just lack the enthusiasm. I would always think about watching one while at work, and once I’m home, I would just stare at my phone, and decide to do something else instead. I don’t feel motivated at all.

I did miss that old me though. The one who watches nothing but anime. I did a lot of reflecting, why I lost my interest in watching anime. But I didn’t come to any conclusion. Perhaps, I just don’t find anything interesting series to watch anymore.

I enjoy shonen anime most. Those series serialized in Shonen Jump are my favorites. And since majority of the new anime I see in social media are, uhm, I don’t know. Moe? Shoujo? Whatever! Just give me a slice-of-life genre instead of those!

But recently, my interest was piqued by this series called ‘Fate/Apocrypha’. It was a novel series I read just last year, only that I wasn’t able to read volumes 3-5 due to unavailability of translations. The series just started this 1st of July, and I got excited since the band that performed the opening song was one of my favorite bands, EGOIST. And because of that, I scour the whole YouTube for the song. It then lead me to anime theories relating to a different anime series ‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’. And since I have already watched the Boruto movie, this series also piqued my interest (plus I’m a solid NaruHina fan!). I didn’t really intend to watch the anime, just spoil myself with some video clips. But after maybe three videos, I decided to just watch the series.

And so there. With all that happened, I felt that I am slowly going back to that old me. I feel refreshed. Though I’m not trying to be someone else, being different from who you really are is quite exhausting.


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