Whimsical date at Gerry’s Grill

Whimsical. Yes, whimsical. Well, it’s not necessarily a date like a romantic date or anything, just simple hanging out with a good friend of mine. He’s a former officemate in my previous job, and I had a promise to him that I’ll treat him some time. I made because he had done me a great favor during the time when I left my former employer. He was having a hard time back then because in our team, three of us left leaving him alone, together with all our load. So, as a payback, I told him that I’ll treat him some time. And so, to make the drawing come alive, we hang out at Gerry’s Grill.

Originally, we are supposed to have a coffee date somewhere else, but some things get in the way, and we are SOOOO HUNGRY, so we ended up eating a heavy meal instead (RIP wallet).

Anyway, it was fun overall. I even posted a picture of us in Facebook with a caption: Dating this handsome lefty. And then, people started believing I actually dated him. Hahaha. We’re just friends. (I just did that, because we’re really good friends that joking about it doesn’t seem to be an issue to us…And I badly want to make a commotion).

Here are some of the pictures~


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