Bucket List before my 30th Birthday

I’m currently 23 years old, young and full of dreams. I haven’t found yet the man worthy of my love, but I have already cried for the wrong guy. I never thought I am extroverted when all this time I have thought of myself as someone introverted. I have so many things I want to do, but the things I’m currently doing right now seems to be all out of way.

I should probably be creating the image I want for myself. The kind of girl I want myself to project to everyone. I need a total overhaul of myself, physical and psychological.

No. I am not scrapping the real me. In fact, I am going to show the real me…I suppose. Oops! That sounded like a doubt on my part.

First things first. My wardrobe. I want a change of wardrobe. Majority of the clothes I have in my closet were either given to me or bought by my Mom. If I am going to count all the clothes that I personally picked for myself, it’ll never reached about 10% of the whole thing. So I want a change of wardrobe. I want to choose the clothes that I will wear. This time, it’ll now be my style. Not the style they think will suit me. Not the style my mother wants me to wear. Not the style the society accepts. I want my own style.

Next, my social media account. Inasmuch as I want to delete my former Facebook account, I personally think it’ll just be inconvenient. So probably after my scheduled plans with my friends, I’ll be up for another No-Facebook-Rule round. Sooner or later maybe, I don’t know. But once all the important meetings were done, I’ll shut the world around me again. Take a good rest from social media. At least from Facebook, I guess. I’ll cut off my contact with people. If they want to talk to me, I’m always one text away, reply not guaranteed. Once I’m back in Facebook, I’ll tone down my posts. Maybe limit it to one or two SENSIBLE posts per day.

Then my wallet. I’m not talking about my literal wallet, no. It’s an allegory for my cash. As in cash on hand, or in bank, whatever’s applicable. My point is, I want to save up (for schooling, for business, for emergencies). While I’m still young and not having so much responsibilities, I want to save for the rainy days. I have a lot of plans that needed a considerable amount of money, so I badly needed to save. So while my bonuses are still intact, I’ll have it entrusted in good hands (which certainly aren’t my hands). I don’t want to become the likes of some other people whose got good-paying jobs but everyday penniless. It’s just a waste.

After such a long prelude, here’s my bucket list before reaching my 30th birthday:

1.      I should be a lawyer by then.

2.      I should’ve opened a business, probably an Internet café/hangout place.

3.      I am already the owner of the 200 sqm lot beside my parents’ house.

4.      The foundations of my apartment building should’ve been laid (or, since I plan my café to be on the ground floor of my building, the second floor should be a work-in-progress by then).

5.      My room, which was supposed to be on our rooftop, should’ve been done (with an observatory on top).

6.      I want a greenhouse on top of my building. A greenhouse for edible plants.

7.      I should’ve had my glamorous wardrobe by then.

8.      I want a fandom of my own. I want to become an advocate of the fashionable-conservative-girl style. Once I’m stable with my ideas, watch out for my pictures.

9.      I want a sports car. I’m writing ‘want’ because I don’t think I necessarily needed it early on, but we’ll see. I can always change my mind. By the way, I’m already thinking of the design and car color.

10.  My collection (scale figures, and books alike) should’ve had a good place at home (not necessarily in my room, but somewhere in the house, of course).

Five to seven years ago, I dreamt of traveling abroad for a vacation, wanting a car, having a love life, and some other stupid typical money-wasting dreams. Now, slowly, I become aware of the things I actually want, and things I want because everyone wants them. I become aware of the things I know I will enjoy, and things people say are enjoyable but I don’t think so. Let’s see how things are going to be like, but I’m really working hard for that “Atty.” to be attached before my NAME, CPA. Let’s see…




8 thoughts on “Bucket List before my 30th Birthday

  1. Here’s to hoping all of them are fulfilled!
    It was a great realistic list and I truly believe that It can be achievable with dedication and the right spirit, which you definitely possess.
    Good luck ☺️

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  2. Hello! I found this so interesting because I just turned 30 on Tuesday. I never had a solid vision of life. Like I just thought it would happen and I feel more awake now than ever. I admire where you are at and your determination. You will do great!

    Liked by 1 person

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