I want to stop running away…

I want to stop running away…

I’m just hurting myself more. I did nothing but to torture myself. So I stop running away.

In a way, I am thankful to God that all of this happened. I was able to think things through. I was able to find determination in making myself a better person. I may not be close to that self-love I’m supposed to feel, but I guess I’m a step closer to it. Slowly, I am valuing myself. One by one, I do things for myself. All the people who do nothing good to myself are removed from my “people I care about” list. People who did nothing bad to me but I drove away are now back to my circle of friends. Inch by inch, I will be closer to myself. I don’t know and I can’t promise, but I will avoid to be hard to myself as much as possible…




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