When you’re in your 20’s

Back when I was in high school, I was wondering about what will happen to me in the future. About what kind of profession I will be practicing. About when I will be marrying (or if I will be marrying). About what kind of person I will become.

During college, I realized that I still want to stay young and carefree. I don’t want responsibilities. I don’t want pressure. I just to remain as I am. Back then, I was already taking accountancy, but I was still clueless. I was wavering whether I am fine with the profession or if ever I don’t want it.

Seven, eight years ago, I already wanted to become a lawyer, although I am not as eager as I’m supposed to. While in college, I was wondering if I really want to study law or not. I took accountancy because my father told me that I can take it as my pre-law. Now that I am already a CPA, I am now sure that I wanted to become a lawyer.

Slowly, as time passes by, as I grow older every single day, things that were unclear to me years ago are starting to become clear. I now start to form the future I want for myself. I can now picture the future me. My plans, especially in career, are now being laid down. I am now trying to focus on saving up money for my studies. I am just waiting for my brother to graduate in college so that I can have someone to help me in the expenses at home, and I can finally relax and have my money appropriated as back up for his studies to be reserved for my own studies. Of course, all of these plans will happen with God’s help.

Now regarding my future self marrying (or not marrying), well, it’s not something one can just simply picture. I’m sure we all know how hard it is to find a lifetime relationship. Although I am planning to adopt a child in case I don’t get to marry. Because there’s this funny theory about old maids being harsh ladies if they don’t get to have kids. I don’t want to become a bitter person in the future. But that is something only the future can tell.

Damn, why am I talking about these things?!?

I’m really getting old…


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