For the most part of year 2017, I haven’t been active both on Facebook and in WordPress. And not just in social media, I am also not active in my real social life. So…this May 2017, I tried to reach out to some of my friends and scheduled dates with them. Though some of which were cancelled, there are some that were pushed through.

I’ll start with the first date!

It was with my officemates and it was on the night of May 5th, 2017. It was long since planned, that after our exit conference with the management, we will be hanging out in a comedy bar. It was my first time in a comedy bar, as well as five of my other colleagues. The one who sponsored our date was my supervisor. Here are some of our pictures~

What’s more fun in this eventful night was that, I get to sing on the stage, in front of many strangers! Most people are afraid even to sit in front of the stage because they are afraid of being the subject of the joke, but I even braved the stage! It was really fun! I also learned that I don’t have a stage fright because of that event. I’ll probably come again there, if it’s for free~


I have two other dates after that night, but I’ll be posting them in the next blogs~!!!


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