Saved by a…?

         I really had lots of misadventures, especially during college. One time, I was left by a bus, and by all stupidity, I decided to run after it. Funny, eh?

       It all started this way. It was my benefactor’s birthday, and he invites his scholars to join him in his celebration. I believe it was July 20, 2013, a Saturday, and a bus was waiting in the school campus to fetch us. The bus was supposed to leave at 11:00 A.M. I was pretty sure I’ll make it, only that there had been an unexpected traffic a few meters away from school. I was hesitating on whether to walk or to wait in the vehicle. I was texting my classmate and she told me that the bus was leaving so I made a dash to it. And I had been running for miles (seriously, I mean miles) after it until I finally decided to give up and take an alternate route to reach my destination. So I took a bus. But since it was traffic, I was told that I should just take the train instead and then I was dropped off the nearest train station. So there, I took the train then got off the right station. After which I needed to take another public utility vehicle to get there. I was about to cross the street to take the ride when suddenly, I heard someone called out to me. I felt someone pulled my backpack. It was then I realized that a car was about to hit me and someone called out to me and pulled me back to save me. As I was supposed to say thanks, I realized there was only two of us who crossed the street that time, and it was impossible that the other person could pull me because he was more than a meter away from my left side (and not from my back). As I continue my voyage to my destination, I was wondering… Who was it that saved me?


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