Time is gold, yes, but wrong timing isn’t

Timing is important, I’m sure you’d agree. Right things at the wrong time aren’t right after all. And I do believe you’d agree as well.

I have proven this right so many times and in different aspects of my life: gaming, school, and career.

First example I have here is the online game I play called Fate/Grand Order. There’s this feature similar to a lottery, and you either get a good servant as your player character, or you get senseless cards. It depends on your luck. The first few months I was playing the game, I dreamed of getting really good playing characters in the game. But no matter how much I try to roll, I keep on getting cards that suck. Although eventually in time, I get them slowly, one by one. Just recently, I got a super rare 5-star servant. Now I realize, it’s good that I got them now rather than getting them early on, since I won’t even have a chance to use those servants if I have a low level in the game. You see, now’s the right time to get them. And I’m really happy about it.

Another example is my experience in school. I have mentioned before that I was a little late in graduating in college because of some circumstances, but the good thing there is that I was still able to pass the CPA Licensure Exam on the first take the same time as my classmates. Even if the graduation came late, it doesn’t matter much as long as I get the license on time.

And also, my career. I got my first job even before I took the board exam, something I have also mentioned before. The job just came out of the blue, without me looking for it. And as some of you might know as well, the opportunity for a better job came just when I was in need of a new one. And the timing of my appointment in the government office was approximately a year after I was hired in my former job. Not bad for the resume after all.

I may have waited too long for me to achieve the things I want in life. But it’s not a time wasted. What good is haste when everything is wrong timing? Although not that haste was good at all but, you get the idea.

Time is important, yes, but timing is more important. Have patience.


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