The Hikikomori Life. Bow.

The hikikomori life

Sometimes fun

Sometimes alone

You don’t have tangible friends

But you have online friends

You may not hang out in person

But you understand each other more

More than anyone could

More than anyone would

You have lots of video games

You have lots of anime series

You buy lots of posters

You buy lots of action figures

You even have a dakimakura

One that stays with you in your sleep

One that hugs you in your pain

People may think you’re absurd

Because you don’t go out of your house

But it doesn’t matter

Because you’re still happy

Happy with the kind of life you have

It may be a virtual life

But it has all the fantasy

That the real world doesn’t have

You experience things

Normal people don’t experience

You may seem to be playing games

But you’re having a life

A life that no one knows

The hikikomori life.



I may not be a full-pledged hikikomori, but I’m one who doesn’t go out of the house during my day off. I’m the type who immediately go straight home after work, and who only goes out of the house to go to work or church. I’m not a total social-recluse, but soon, maybe? I’m not an introvert, but I enjoy not going out of the house, playing games, watching anime, and collecting action figures. I socialize, yes, but I would still prefer being at home. Always.


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