The winners of the world

For the past few months, I have been following the website “A New Mode.” It was a site made by Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis, two relationship experts. I was reading blogs about relationships, but it was this site that I like best. I enjoy reading their posts, because they don’t give you advice on how to play tricks, but insights on the male mind for you to understand how it operates and to give clarity to everything that’s happening. They also give advice on how one should take care of oneself. One thing they reiterate on their site is that guys like feeling like winners of the world most of the time. It’s like that’s the most important thing to them, and since I learned about this, I started observing the guys I knew, even celebrity guys. And yes, it was true. And I think it made sense.

Just recently, my younger brother was struggling with his studies. He was in his third year in college, and I can see that he’s having a hard time. He mentioned something about not starting the semester right and feeling like a loser. That’s when I realized that guys really don’t function properly if they feel like a loser. Us girls always tell guys that they’re losers, and we don’t really think much about what we said. I think it’s time for us to hold our tongues, and avoid telling guys that they are losers.

I may not be a guy, but I understand it to some extent. I have lots of guy friends and I think they have influenced me to some extent. To guys, as long as they feel like winners, relationships isn’t really a problem to them. Unlike us girls, we are more emotional creatures and we value relationships more than anything. Which is why there’s always a problem when it comes to relationships between men and women. Women think that men’s brain operate the same way as women, and thus, a misunderstanding ensues. There will be issues regarding girls being needy and guys being distant all because girls don’t understand the guys’ need to feel like winners. Which is why the so-called “chase” is important (at least, says the other love advisers). We keep on tending on our needs to feel loved while we overlook the needs of our partner.

If you’re curious about this, try observing the guys around you. You would notice how guys really like competition and how they enjoy the feeling of being winners. (I tell you, it’s fun to observe them and it’s also one step ahead on understanding men in general!)

There are other things about the male mind, and I may share them here, but I’ll save it for the other posts. Till next time!


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