Realizations during my expatriation from Facebook

The last time I logged in on Facebook was March 13, 2017. Since the year 2017 started, I lessen my time on Facebook, to the extent of not logging in at all for days. It wasn’t really a new year’s resolution or anything. Just something I thought of doing out of the blue. Well, partly to make a distance between me and my crush (so that he’ll miss me), and that’s mainly it. But it has been beneficial to me in general.

Here are some of the benefits of taking a rest from Facebook:

A ton of people miss me

The first time I did it this year, I originally planned it to last for a month. But I screwed up, and I was only able to hold out after three weeks. I was so happy when my crush chatted me right away. The whole purpose of the expatriation wasn’t defeated at all. Plus, some of my chat buddies and other friends get to miss me too and started flooding me with messages of all sorts. People were indeed fond of me in ways I will never know.

I was able to take a break from the negativity

No matter how much I try to avoid it, negativity will always cast its shadows everywhere, in different forms. And even if I do my best to be positive at all times, there will still be people who will spread the negativity across the land of Facebook. There will be posts and memes about everything negative. And even if I unfollow those people, there’s just no end to it. A rest was indeed beneficial.

I get more time for sleep

Back then, I stay up until wee hours in the morning doing nothing but scrolling through my news feed. It’s boring but I just can’t stop. All I do was scroll down, like, share, then repeat the whole process until I’m tired. What a useless life I had. Now that I have a lot of free time, I can’t find anything to do, so I resort to sleep. At least, I get to rest my body. And my mind too!

I was able to lessen my vanity

As I said a while ago, I waste my time scrolling on news feed, liking posts, and sharing whatever there is to share. And in a sense, it felt like it was all vanity. The posts I share are pretty much senseless, except for some good posts, but majority are not worth reading actually. Plus there are people who comment on how I flood their news feed with my posts. So I try to rein myself on that. At least now, I am more mindful of what I like and what I share.

I get to sort my thoughts

I was able to think things through. Like I said, my intentions at first was to make my crush miss me. But now, because of the distance, I wasn’t as dependent to idea of “us” as I used to before. It’s not that I don’t like him anymore. I still do. But I wasn’t as obsessed as I used to. And also, it made me see other people as well. He’s not my boyfriend, and we are in no way committed whatsoever, so I don’t need to close my world on him. I like him, but I am more open to the possibility that I may still get to know other guys, and who knows, I may find someone amazing. But I still like him. At least that’s true for now.


There are some other benefits to it, but those are the major benefits I had. I still don’t log in on Facebook until now, and I intend to continue it for as long as I can. When I go back, I hope I can be more responsible in the social media realm. And also, I hope I can get a date with my crush…as in a real date! Haha!


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