Child Adoption, anyone?

While it would be better to have your own child, having an adopted child is no less than a blessing as well. It was something I am open with, in case there’s an opportunity.

There are times where I get to have serious talks with my friends and when we get to the topic of having children, I am here saying, “I want to adopt a child.” All of sudden, they would argue and try to convince me on how adopting a child is never a good idea at all. But why would they react that way anyhow?

Well, that is for them to answer. For now, I want to share my reasons why I keep on bringing up the topic of adopting a child.

I want to have a child

Well, of course, naturally I’ll have one when I marry and start a family. But the future is not something we have a control of. What if I am meant to stay single? I still want to become a parent and experience being one (despite fearing it all over). There are a lot ways to have a child, but I am open in the idea of adoption. I don’t care much if the child is from some random stranger. I’m fine with it.

I want to experience pure love

One of the few beliefs I hold on to is that children have the purest love in them. There’s nothing purer and truer than loving your child. Say I am meant to be single for the rest of my life, I still want to experience love, and it doesn’t matter in what form, as long as I get to experience it.

To give a chance for them to be loved

These kids are orphan, technically or figuratively. And if there’s one thing they wish in life, it’s for them to feel the love of a family. And maybe, when I’m meant to have a chance, I’m willing to give it a try.


The world is overpopulated, so why add another one? Okay, it was meant to be a joke. (A bad joke, in fact).


Kidding aside, I am serious with this. But if I get to meet Mr. Future Husband Whose Gonna Be the Father of My Children (I was supposed to say Mr. Right or The One, but it’s too cliché it sounded gross), of course there’s no reason for me to adopt a child. But if Mr. Future Husband and I don’t get to have kids, then adoption is indeed an option. But when Mr. Future Husband is inexistent, then I would probably want to adopt one.

How about you? What are your thoughts on this matter? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!


7 thoughts on “Child Adoption, anyone?

  1. I have similar experiences! I’ve always said that if I have a family I want to adopt. I feel like there are so many children in the world already in need of a family and love. I would want to provide that for someone.
    Every time I make this point though I always get backlash. Everyone always says “have kids of your own you’ll be happier
    ” and some other things. But I’m not hung up on the idea of having my own kids. If I have a family I think I’d rather just adopt…

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    1. Exactly my point! Most of the people I talk to (even my mom) tells me that I should have a child of my own. I do agree with them BUT I am open to the idea of adopting, something they find hard to understand. Sometimes I think they’re narrow-minded that they don’t try to hear my side, and don’t see the good in that. I’m happy to know that you agree. If the intention is good, I believe there’s nothing wrong with adoption. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😊


      1. Lol yeah my mom is like that too! Whenever I express my feelings about adopting I’m usually left at impasse with whoever I tell. They seem to think I am depriving myself of something and I don’t feel like I’d be missing out.
        I feel like if the intention is good then it should be encouraged. But I guess I’m not in the majority 😏

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      2. See that’s me too! I can see that there are appeals to both. I think that’s what I try to convey when I talk about this topic. In the end I think creating a family with love is a beautiful thing. ❤

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