Sonnets of Love (I. Unrequited Love)

Sonnets of Love


  1. Unrequited Love


Courage or stupidity, which is which?

To love someone who doesn’t feel the same

It’s the point of letting the love enrich

For as long as you can endure the pain

Even if it’s unrequited, you love

Even if it’s hurting, you continue

It is a feeling you can’t get rid of

It is a feeling that always haunt you

Risks taking the fall with no one to catch

And being aware, you dared anyhow

So there he is, doing nothing but watch

As you hurt yourself and cry here and now

Then you realize it is not courage

Nor it is stupidity as you age




Sonnets of Love series:

-II. Requiem of a Patriot

-III. Love Without Condition


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