Someone I can love with all my heart

One thing we always consider in finding “the One” is that he/she should be someone who loves you with all his/her heart. But this time, let’s consider the other way around: someone you can love with all your heart.

This just came up to me this morning in considering “the One”. We always overlook this one because we always think that it’s an obvious thing that you love the other person that’s why you’re choosing that person. But, is it really the case?

Sometimes, we think that we love someone because every hormone in our body tells us that we do love that person. But in the long run, you just find yourself falling out of love, or losing interest, or regretting your decision of marrying that person because of one thing: you don’t really love that person. When we’re in love, everything is just amplified and most of us tend to forget assessing our real feelings. Needy/clingy persons think they love their significant other because, well, they associate their happiness with them, which, I don’t think is considered love.

They say love is different from being in love. Love is more profound and certainly more than just the butterflies in your stomach. It is said that when you marry, you marry the one you love and stay in love as you continue your love story as a married couple. When you’re marrying a person just because you’re simply in love with the person, sooner or later, the feelings will subside, and you’ll find yourself not in love with the person anymore. They say a married couple can only stay in romantic love for about a year (sorry, I forgot how long it is really, but there are studies that show that married couples cannot stay all too sweet for a long period of time).

Yeah, sure, maybe your significant other loves you with all of his/her heart, but if you can’t love that person with all your heart, then aren’t you being unfair?

How about you? Do you think you consider this as a factor in finding “the One”? Do share your comments below.


9 thoughts on “Someone I can love with all my heart

  1. I always thought that “the one” was the person that I loved – not the other way around. I failed, of course, in “being with the one” only because who i can love and who can love me are not necessarily the same person. so my advice; be open to love, but in my experience it is easier to love someone who loves you than a person who may or may not love you back, even though you love them with your whole heart. my two (depressing) cents 🙂 🙂

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    1. Hmm… of all the people I asked, you’re one of the few who said that it is easier to love someone who loves you. Most of them choose the one they love (even if they don’t love them back). For me, I would probably choose the one I love but that person is supposed to be the one who loves me too. If I love that person, but that person doesn’t love me back, I might just as well leave. I may not be as open to love as I’m supposed too. But maybe in time, I will. Sigh, love indeed, too complicated.
      Thank you for dropping by! =)


      1. it does not mean that you go choose the person that loves you even though you despise him 🙂 love is a complicated thing. I found that it is harder for men to love than for women (apologies if this is too much of a generalization). as the age increase, my attitude towards love and loved ones changed. anyways – I wish you will have great experience 🙂

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      2. I suppose, as we age, our views about love and life change, as well as our choices in life. Maybe, we might say for now that we’re choosing the one we love, and maybe some time in the future, we might choose otherwise. True, love is a complicated thing, that’s why people do stupid things in the name of love

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  2. Galing din ako sa long term relationship (over a decade, teh) inlove sya sakin. Ako hinde… minahal ko din sya pero di ako nainlove hehe. So sabik akong mafeel ung feeling ng “inlove” and when I did.. sa ibang guy naman.. di naman sya inlove sakin. Masarap sa pakiramdam. Kaso masakit kasi di nya ko masyadong gusto. Masaklap pa e sa iba din sya napunta.. pabebe kasi ako. siguro kasi ayokong magsettle.. may darating na taong mahal mo at mahal ka din. Ayun ung “The One” hihi.

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