I’m still too young

Funny how I act like it’s the end for me. Like there’ll be no more hope left. When in fact I was just 23 and I have yet to experience life. Every time I try to be objective and look at myself from a third person point of view, I always thought that “this girl is so immature.” I don’t take it against myself, although sometimes, I really feel bad. Anyway, the fact still remains. I acted stupid and over dramatic. I enjoy being over dramatic, really. It’s like I’m playing a role of someone else.

Okay, I’m digressing…

I don’t know as of the moment whether I feel too much for someone, or I’m just focusing too much on it that I thought it was all true and deep. Anyway, I really obsess about this guy. And his freakin’ left-hand. Can you just cut it off and offer it to me, Senpai? Okay fine, that’s a grim joke.

My officemate told me that I’m still young to lose all hope about my love life. I’m not losing hope. I just enjoy the drama. I guess that’s just it.

They said I should tag you in my posts. Should I?


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