My deal breakers*

I’ll talk about things that I particularly observe and take into consideration when it comes to dating:

  1. Attraction. The guy should be someone I at least take an interest. What’s the point of dating when I’m not interested, right? I mean it’s not because I judge people right away. I just don’t want to give people false hopes. I’m a very straight forward person. If I don’t see you that way, then I don’t. Unless, it’s a friendly platonic inevitable date, of course!
  2. Age. I’m not particular about the years (or months), as long as he’s older than me. Although 15 years is probably too much a gap for me. It’s also important that he’s as mature as his age. Why is age a big deal for me? Because I have a younger brother, and I feel awkward with younger guys.
  3. Behavior. Upbringing. Values. It’s important for me. I don’t think there’s much explanation here.
  4. Vices. If you smoke, sorry, but no. I won’t date you anymore. Drink? I might tolerate it to some extent, but I prefer it if the guy would quit COLD TURKEY. It’s a sign of psychological disorder. Drugs? Oh please…
  5. RELIGION. Well, being in a democratic country, I believe we all have the right to choose our religion. But having different religion, in the long run, is INCONVENIENT. Unless the guy is willing to respect my religion. I don’t want the guy to change his religion because of me. Remember that you don’t practice a religion because of love. You practice it because it’s your OWN faith. But please, no atheist.

I probably have other things I consider, and I may not be aware of it. But so far, these are the things I’m aware I take into consideration.


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