When you’re so good in giving advice, yet you’re the one needing it the most


19 thoughts on “anyone?

      1. yeah… I’m really confused…
        I don’t know whether it’s fine to hold on…
        I don’t feel like it’s my heart…
        More like the left-side and right-side of my brain having an endless argument


      2. Hmm. Yeah. Maybe it’s too early to decide if it’s best to hold on or to let go. I think, you should follow my friend’s advice… “focus on yourself. Give some distance between you two to be able to know what’s important.” 🙂

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      3. I know I should do that, but I’m too stubborn to follow that, sometimes I think I should just whack my head and stuff that advice inside my brain… =(
        As of the moment, there’s a distance between us, i don’t know if it was me or it was him who stopped chatting, but that was it…I haven’t had chat him since January 29…we rarely see each other also…


      4. Ask him what’s the problem. Confront him. This idea may sound stupid but I guess this will help you…a lot. Know the ultimatum of your love-hate relationship. Is this love one way or is it reciprocated? Ask him if he’s on the same page as you are. If not, then that would be your realization that he doesn’t deserve your attention nor love. Be brave to ask him, even if it will make you look desperate. This way, you will no longer be confuse of your emotions.

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      5. I asked him before, he said he like me too, but he’s got plans in life, so he’s confused
        His plans in life are more important to him
        We agreed that we should first get to know each other further because we just beome friends in chat, but whenever we get to see each other at work (which rarely happens), you can just count the words we say to each other
        My guy friend said he’s a lousy liar, that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with me, but wants to keep me as back up
        My other guy friend said that maybe he’s just shy…
        I don’t know who to believe…
        Even my own brain is not thinking properly…
        Now he’s not going to work…
        Sorry if I blurted out my issues here, and thank you very much for the support =)


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