To start things with, I just want to thank everybody for all the support you’ve given me! I can’t believe that I’ll be reaching more than a hundred follows in almost four months of blogging!

This blog has been my journal for what I feel deep inside. Although I held back expressing everything here because someone out there might read this. Someone I know in person.

To be honest, I did express my inner thoughts here, just disguised as a fiction or hidden behind some play of words. Now I’m torn into writing my anxieties here and not writing anything at all. It really sucked feeling like this, but I’ll talk about it in a different blog post.

Anyway, I mentioned in my previous post how I dreamt of inspiring other people and how I think this place (WordPress) might be of help. For the past two weeks, I’ve had myself get busy with reading and commenting on other blogs and give some advice to those who needed them (or so I think). I’m really happy that they considered my advice and thanked me for that. I’m really overwhelmed that they appreciated what I’ve done.

I also appreciate that there are a lot of fellow bloggers that appreciate me. I love the way they give comments to my blog. Thank you thank you very much!

I was also amazed that I’ve found a lot of fellow Filipino bloggers here!

To the one who introduced this site to me, even if you don’t know that, I really appreciate that I now have WordPress.

You might want to check out these blogs by the way:




There are a lot of other bloggers I want to suggest, but sorry that can’t put everyone here. Have a good day everyone!


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