Had only this day been a none working holiday…

What I dreaded this morning is that if ever what happened to me two years ago would happen again today. Remember my last post?

Well, last night, I’ve been strategizing on how on Earth will I be able to get to work alive and unscathe. Apparently, my regular route to work includes the place called the Dangwa Flower Market. On a daily basis, I always encounter a heavy traffic on that place, and since it is this time of year again, I don’t want to imagine what struggle I will be facing once I pass by that street. So since yesterday, I tried to avoid that place, and resort to taking the train just to get to work. But unfortunately, a lot of people seems to be taking the train as well, so commuting became a survival game to me.

And since the day is about to end, there’s only one thing left for me to worry: my journey going home. I hope I can go home as fine as I am now…


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