My unforgettable Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2015. Valentine’s Day. And I’m single. Hmm…great. Nice. Good. What else could get worse?!?

Caution: This is not your typical love story.

It was a Saturday, February 14. Our Midterm exams for the subjects Auditing and Practical Accounting II are scheduled on the same day. I rarely get ready for exams. Like I study a few topics, but not necessarily divulge myself. Even then, I left the house 30 minutes earlier because I expected that a lot of people are outside and there will be a heavy traffic ahead. If I won’t be ready academically, I should at least be ready physically. So I packed my things and left. The exam won’t start until 12 noon and my approximate travel time is one hour. I left the house at 10:30 A.M.

Everything’s good for the first part of the journey. I’m trying to read some notes that I have (though I rarely have them), and enjoy the rest of the hour. Halfway through, I noticed some kind of congestion five kilometers away from my staring point. It was absurd because that place seldom had a heavy traffic. My guts are telling me something is not right. Good thing I left the house earlier. I believe I still got ample time to make it to school. But that’s just the start of it. I still got a long way to go.

By the way, school is 13 km away from our house, and I’m still at point 5 km.

At point 6 km, everything was clear. The reason for all this commotion and traffic was a vehicular accident. Apparently, a container van turned to its side and had a jeepney trapped beneath it. Four were dead. And worse, the van was across the whole highway. No car can pass beyond that point. That’s at point 7 km. That’s means from point seven onwards, I have to find a way on how to go school. Obviously, I’m going to walk. That’s still 6 km, and I only got 20 minutes left! Twenty minutes! (With no public utility vehicle ahead, by the way).

The only feasible way I could get to school is to hitch a car.

So there, I walked maybe a couple of kilometers, huffing and almost crying, and looking out for a private car to hitch on. Motorcycle is totally not an option. Then finally, help was passing by. A police car!

And there you have it, the help. I asked help from them (policemen) to take me at least to the next jeepney stop and from there, I’ll handle myself. They did take me there, but instead of letting me ride on a public utility vehicle, they instead transferred me on a police motorcycle. And then I was brought in front of my school. I was twenty minutes late for the exam. But I wasn’t the last person to come.

The day has not yet ended, so brace yourselves.

After the last exam, I feel so tired and depressed for whatever had transpired. I decided to walk again and feel the emo sensation and the cold breeze that evening. That’s maybe a kilometer or so and it’s 7:30 P.M. Then at Balintawak cloverleaf, where I’ll be riding the next jeepney to go home, it’s still a struggle to find a vehicle that won’t cut its trip. Finally, I was able to ride on one.

Now a few meters from the accident area, traffic is still an issue. Three-fourths of the highway is filled with cars going north (which is the direction I’m heading to). Meanwhile, a taxi cab took the final lane to get ahead of all of us. A number of cars followed. Now all four lanes are consumed by cars going north. Both sides are stuck and none are moving. Worse, the jeepney I’m riding on has its engine die on us. Great.


We decided to transfer to a different car. But none are available. So this calls for another round of walking. Oh yeah, it’s already 9 P.M. and I’m already hungry. Please.

I walked maybe a kilometer and a half before I found a convenience store where I can stay for a while and wait for the next available jeepney. Finally, I was able to ride on one, maybe around 9:45 P.M.

I decided to take a tricycle to get home because seriously, I’m exhausted. Too much walking for a day. I badly need to rest my damn legs.

When I get to the tricycle stop, yeah, you guessed it right. There isn’t any tricycle waiting in line. Another freakin’ round of walking. Well this time, it’s less than a kilometer, but please! I’ve done so much today!

I got home by 10:30 P.M., I guess.

By the way, I failed both exams.



Sorry for the long post~



I told you, it’s not your typical love story!


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