Wrong Questions

​Why did I ask the wrong question?

Now it has caused more confusion

Can’t draw a proper conclusion

Those words have stirred my emotions


“I should take it at face value,”

My brain continued to argue

As that statement I can’t construe

I really don’t know what to do


Damn, I feel so dim-witted here

Want to whack my head, now and here

If logic leaves me, that I fear

What the heck am I saying here?!?


Sigh…this is really annoying

Why the heck did I ask that thing?

My grave I really am digging

Goodbye folks, I am now leaving!




15 thoughts on “Wrong Questions

      1. nah…I think it’s more like EXTREME LIKING…
        he knows I like him, and he said he likes me too…
        I want to clarify some things, but I asked the wrong question, so the conversation eventually ended up with a lot things remained unclear…
        I want to ask him, but I’m not getting a single chance…

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