Public Service Advocacy

The long time stigma of the Philippine Government: corruption. Ever since I can remember, this word has been associated to the Government officials and the Government employees. Whoever started it, good thing he’s dead.

I can’t remember when did it all started. I just found myself being interested to working in the Government for no reason at all.

I remember back then, my professor in Basic Accounting joked about how there is no money in the Accounting profession, and how the only possible way is when you practice your profession in the government sector. Well, he made sense, if you consider the fact that corruption has been rampant in the government (please refer to the first sentence).

When I was in second year college, I became interested in Forensic Accounting. Back then, I’m so obsessed in the idea of playing detective and considering if ever there’s such a position in the government where I can do that.

During internship, my friends and classmates got discouraged on trying to apply in the government. And since I don’t care about them all, I insisted on applying in the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Why BIR? I just felt like I didn’t learn anything during Tax classes, so I decided to give it a shot. It didn’t end up as expected though, but at least I wasn’t confined to doing clerical works.

By the time I was in my final year in college, I already have what you can consider a career plan. That I’ll first pursue public practice, then business and commerce, then government, then academe. Guess what? It didn’t worked as planned, as always. I ended up working in a private company, and eventually, I realized it’s fine that things worked that way. Well, the work place is, uhm, kinda toxic ‘coz well, let’s just say it’s a breeding ground of hypocrites. Like I was close to very few people, usually mothers in their middle forties. They’re understanding, and not plastic. And since it’s not a healthy place to stay, the turnover of people is pretty fast, and I totally want to get out of that place on my first day! But I was able to endure it for one year, one month, and two days…and a lot of unpaid overtime…! Like if you sum it up, it might equal to a month, perhaps. (Oh, I endured it without shedding a tear!)

Moving on with the story, I originally planned to stay there until I finish my probationary period, then resign. But I haven’t applied yet to any other job, so I postponed my resignation. Although, a month after my regularization, I submitted an application to Commission on Audit (COA), hoping to get out of that shit of a place called office. My colleagues are killing me! I mean, my sanity! But the application process took around six months before I was finally hired, so ended up being stucked with my former employer for more than a year. Oh and guess what? During my interview there, when I was asked how long do I see myself working there, I answered them, “One year,” and they still hired me. And I did stay for a year. Coincidence or what?

Okay, so finally, here I am, in a government office. A little too early as expected, but well, a better fate, I guess. Now I’m remembering my Forensic Accounting addiction (like I don’t really like Accounting but ended up being a CPA…well, I’m thankful though…)

Before, I was thinking of working in the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and looking back now, I thought it’s a bad idea working there. Well, I’ll go off a bit astray here. I heard that a lot of NBI officials are practicing the religion opposing mine, and I’ll be pitting myself to hell if I go there. With COA, we’re pretty much diversified, and it’s a first time for me to see a lot of brethren from our congregation there, and I was awe struck! For the first time in my life, I’ve never felt so safe outside the comfort of my house!

Going back to reality, and considering the nature of my work in COA as an auditor, I feel like, “Yeah, this is it! Forensics!”

But don’t get me wrong. I’m bad at it, really.

But I still like it!

So I guess, I digressed way too much.

Back to reality, the Philippine Government stigma. I feel like I want to erase that stigma, even if just a scratch. Even if it doesn’t make any difference. Even if I’m the only one doing an effort. I’m not a good citizen of my country. I don’t give a damn about the people rallying on the streets. I’m apathetic to the things that concern the national issue. I’m not even a registered voter! (Okay, I choose not to, because until I find them worth voting, I’m not gonna vote).

But despite all that, I don’t throw my trash on the streets. At least that I do. I think it contributes to the common good. And maybe, being an auditor in the government, I might do better, as a citizen. It might be too big for me, or maybe impossible, but who knows? I’m not even past 24…





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