16 ways Facebook will ruin your life

I’ll be posting this list as suggested by Mindfump~

  1. You’re broken-hearted and you see friend zoned memes.
  2. Your relatives get jealous of you when you become well-off
  3. When you post something about politics, your “friends” block you
  4. Your crush will seen-zone you
  5. Your relatives will read all your posts, and go to your house to tell you “it’s wrong to post this,” “it’s wrong to post that”
  6. Your stalkers will stalk you
  7. Your posers will take advantage of your photos
  8. You become enemies with your real life friends
  9. You’ll be tempted to fake good family relationships
  10. You absorb too much radiation
  11. You deprive yourself of sleep
  12. You tend to compare yourself with others
  13. You block your teacher/professor, then he/she posts the take home assignment online and you didn’t know it because you blocked him/her
  14. You read someone else’s problems and eventually absorb them
  15. Facebook will tell you cannot change your name anymore
  16. You agree with everything I wrote, then find yourself logging in to Facebook again like a drug addict



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