Man up and turn down a girl

The day before my 18th birthday, I confessed to a guy I liked. We’re close friends, and we’re classmates. We share the same circle of friends. That semester, our friends discovered my secret crush on him and they teased us. At first, I denied it. But eventually, I played along. He avoided me for that. I believed I should salvage our friendship. So I decided clarify everything to him. Thus, we talked on the day before my 18th birthday.

I had been honest to him. And he had been honest to me. He gracefully turned me down. I didn’t despise him for that. I actually admired him. And after that, we became good friends again. I still liked him after that. But I know my place in his heart. And I accepted it. Perhaps there’s still a small place in my heart for him. But now, I only see him as a friend.

I always like guys who doesn’t like me back. But I would love it if they’re man enough to turn me down.



7 thoughts on “Man up and turn down a girl

  1. That’s a nice ending because often people lose their friendship in this process… at least I lost her in this way !! Though I don’t regret today that I confessed my feelings because I was honest and I still love her with similar intensity… carrying an unrequited love with a joke is just amazing… !!

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    1. true…and when you’re older enough to look back in your past, and see what happened right after, and feeling satisfaction, it’s the best feeling, how you’ve been brave enough to admit what you feel and brave enough to face what it turns out right after

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      1. Thank you for acknowledging… 🙂
        I think the power comes from the love that I carry for her even today Abbas my continuous prayers for her health and happiness provides me the peace.. one should fall in love at least once !!

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