Love Incapacity

My words are o’er romanticized

Feelings I cannot criticize

By end of the day, all are lies

It is myself I jeopardize


All my works are sugar-coated

Thinking I have a beloved

As if my heart has been bloated

Of a love I have ne’er tasted


Do you think I’m depressed by love?

Of something I am devoid of?

It’s true, sometimes my heart does throb

But certainly, it is not love


No, I don’t believe in Eros

Romantic love, as known by most

With it, everyone is engrossed

But to me, it’s nothing but ghost


I may be stone-hearted, I guess

Instead of love, I just obsess

Talk about it, then I’ll digress

I only write just to impress


I may have felt it once or twice

Or it’s not, I just fantasized

Yes it’s true, the feeling is nice

Nevertheless, it’s just disguise


Staying single sure is boring

But mind you, my brain’s still working

In love, there’s no point in hasting

It’s your future you are risking


Though I’ll say sorry in advance

‘Coz I’ll still write about romance

To you, I still hope for a chance

The guy I met in happenstance





23 thoughts on “Love Incapacity

  1. Dear friend,

    of course it is your reasoning that comes to this result. However, is it possible to explain love logically? To a certain extent our intellect and logical sector is a good help to differentiate and also find solutions. But there are so many things in our life which we cannot explain, where even scientists do not speak of evidents, proof or explanation, in this case they can only describe what they have found (for example hicks and quarks in atoms, quantum mechanic etc.) – and so it is also with the term faith or belief, with God, with time, universe, life, death etc. – and in the end we are not even able to say what is what as we have a lack of the “whole picture” (how can the river understand the ocean).

    Some time ago I have written a poem about this term love:


    Love in duality
    Takes, demands

    Love in unity, oneness
    Gives, unselfishly

    Love in duality
    Separates, loses

    Love in unity, oneness
    Is universal, wins

    Love in duality
    Fires the mind

    Love in unity, oneness
    Is life, is soul

    Love in duality
    Is possessive, wordly

    Love in unity, oneness
    Is free, divine

    Love in duality
    Is unconsciousness

    Love in unity, oneness
    Is consciousness

    Duality is Maya
    Unity, oneness is God

    DidiArtist, 18.01.2014

    Thank you very much for sharing and of course I appreciate what you have written 🙂

    All the best, dear friend

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    1. Thank you very much for your insight! I believe all of us has different views and beliefs about love, depending on how we experience it. I think it was just all about my lack of experience that I say this things. In about one or two years, I might say a different thing about it. But one thing is for sure. Love is a complicated thing that no one can exactly define it. It’s just there, and we feel it. It’s up to us whether we nurture it or kill it. Again, thank you =)
      Have a nice day ahead!

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