Trois point

Un, quatre, un, cinq, neuf

I am computing π’s value

Deux, six, cinq, trois, cinq

I thought it was 22/7

Huit, neuf, sept, neuf, trois

But it’s not

Deux, trois, huit, quatre, six

It’s the ratio of a circle

Deux, six, quatre, trois, trois

Its circumference to its diameter

Huit, trois, deux, sept, neuf

Its perimeter

Cinq, zero, deux, huit, huit

Is 2πr

Quatre, un, neuf, sept,un

Its area

Six, neuf, trois, neuf, neuf

Is πr2

Trois, sept, cinq, un, zero

Π is an irrational number

Cinq, huit, deux, zero, neuf

It cannot be expressed in fraction

Sept, quatre, neuf, quatre, quatre

This is getting longer

Cinq, neuf, deux, trois, zero

Even if I continue

Sept, huit, un, six, quatre

I will never finish

Zero, six, deux, huit, six

It is unending

Deux, zero, huit, neuf, neuf

Or at least

Huit, six, deux, huit, zero

The ending is unknown

Trois, quatre, huit, deux, cinq

To me…


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