a Nightmare while I’m awake

dedicated to all accountants and auditors…

An hour has passed. I’ve been staring on my monitor for an hour now, yet I don’t know where to start. I’ve been checking a lot of financial reports and other documents. Despite all that, I can’t seem to know what is it that I want to see.

I tried to plot everything on a working paper. All this numbers, I know they should make sense, but I just can’t understand them. I feel suffocated.

Slowly, they start to move.

Yes, these numbers, they start to move. They seem to have grown hands and feet. Step by step, they began their march towards me.

I feel dizzy. One by one, they walk out of my monitor. Some are climbing up my arm. Some are pulling my hair, trying to get on top of my head. Some are just walking towards my direction.

Slowly…and slowly…they start to flood in front of me. Slowly, I am drowning.

The next thing I knew, I am already beneath them.

I thought I love them. Yes, the numbers. I know I love them. But why are they trying to drown me? Are they trying to kill me?

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Another minute has passed. I can’t see anything anymore. I don’t even know whether I’m still breathing. The only thing I knew, is that I let myself drown within the pool of numbers.

A/N: Based on real-life. Happy year-end fellow auditors! =)


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