Long before he was called Bolo

I’ve been wondering for a while

Some things don’t seem to reconcile

That’s why I’ve traveled thousand miles

To know if we have been beguiled


Well, my sister and my father

Both went on a trip together

But they met with a disaster

And that changed our lives forever


You see, my sister lost an eye

We almost thought that she will die

But that’s not worth to make us cry

What’s next left us all horrified


Amidst the metal and debris

No one found our father’s body

Indeed, it is a tragedy

That left us all wounded deeply


Grandfather fell to a coma

Probably because of trauma

Bad luck oozing with miasma

The cause is such an enigma


Mother gave birth prematurely

To a little female baby

Then, she succumbed to anxiety

Stress ate away her sanity


But one thing bothers me the most

Is that my sister seems like ghost

She is living but cold as frost

She’s breathing but her soul is lost


Now I went into a journey

To know if it’s all trickery

I believe it is all folly

All that’s behind this tragedy


…to be continued…


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