Prose, Poetry, and their grandiose debate

​As I walk across this dark tunnels of My Gray Matter, I happen to stumble upon this two lads in the middle of a debate. I was so amazed I have never seen one like this by far.



If you are to write a story

Better pique one’s curiosity

Make your words sound so flowery

Or might as well use poetry



My dear friend, I tell you this. If you are to write a story, you can write in prose with ease. Let go of the tension, and release your imagination. All the drama, all the romance. Prose is your tool for such flamboyance.


So archaic, so artistic

Rhyme and rhythm, all authentic

Listening to them made me think

Prose? poetry? Which should I pick?



Stories have characters. And characters say their lines in a natural manner. Every time people converse, they don’t speak in verses. Don’t make writing a big deal. Give your story a realistic feel.



You cannot attract an audience

If you do not write with patience

You continue with such lenience

Your story will have dull ambience


And now I am confused, as well as amused. Both sides have their on pros and cons. In writing a story, I’ll have to reckon. Should I write in prose and prolong the paragraphs? Or write in poetry, and let go of the mishaps?


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