I feel like doing some sort of song review ft. Aimer with her song 「Words」

Just the other day, I was checking out You Tube, and on its homepage I saw this music video on top: Words – Aimer.

Aimer was recently added to my favorite singers ‘coz I like her voice (plus I like her songs). Which is why the video piqued my interest.

Checking it out, first that caught my attention was the music video (MV) itself. There are times that the MV shows exactly what’s in the lyrics, but here, I think the MV is trying to send different message.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that the song and the MV aren’t in sync. It’s just that the MV seem to have a deeper meaning (or so I think it is).

Okay, first off. This photo:

I don’t know if you’ll get it, but it’s a tummy of a naked girl…with doodles on it. As what was written, “Platonic, but I still love you.” This words imply an unrequited love and how it must’ve hurt. Well, it might sound opinionated, but this next photo might give off the same feel:

Tears. Surely, joy can also form tears in our eyes, but I don’t think it applies in this case. This scene shows sadness and I know you’ll all agree to that.

Another photo to support my claim:


As writers, we all know how powerful words can be, but sometimes, it just lose its power and become all mute. There are times that no matter how loud our voice is, it will remain voiceless still.

Now let’s talk about the lyrics itself. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but the lyrics is in Japanese. But I’ll feature some lines and translate it for you.

Let’s start with the first line of the song: 

“Aishiteru” towa nante muryokuna kotoba darou…

In english, here’s what it meant: Oh, how powerless the words “I love you” are…

Meaningful words, indeed. The song’s message was clear from the start. It talks about how excruciating unrequited love is. If we go through the whole song lyrics, it tells a story of a lover left alone. This is emphasized on the last part of the song with the lines, “Sayonara anata” which means, “Farewell to you.”

If you would try to internalize the lyrics, and compare it to the MV, both tell us the same message, BUT, the lyrics focus more on the memories of the past, and how the whole idea of the pain felt; while the music video on the other hand focus more on the psychological effect of the situation to the person, how that person crumbled from the inside and how degrading it is.

When you listen to the song, the way it was sung felt like the person telling the story is in thirst of love and you can actually feel the pain. I’m not a professional when it comes to music, so I won’t go deeper.

The very first time I listened (and saw) the song, I already knew I’d be featuring this in my blog. It was said that when we’re happy, we tend to enjoy the music. But when we’re sad, we understand the lyrics.

To be honest, the reason why I featured this song here was the music video itself (I think I already said that). I just appreciate the song afterwards. I’m really sorry for that.

This is probably not the last I’ll be featuring a song. Maybe next time I’ll talk about my favorite song. 😉


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