The excruciating part…

It was when we were little kids, and you’re three years younger than me. You keep on running after me, tailing me everywhere I go. You said that I’m the best big brother in the world. I laughed because we were not related.

Even so, I also think of you as my little sister. I look after you and keep you from harm. Every time you see me, you hug me so tight and kiss me on the cheek. You said that you will always be my little sister and I will always be your big brother. You said that we will never be apart.

As I watch you grow, I see you having fun with all your friends. At the end of the day, you would come to me and share with me all the fun you had for the day. I was so happy. I wish we could stay like this forever.

Then one day, you said that you’re having a weird feeling. I asked you what it was, and you said that it was nothing.

Days pass by and I have been so busy I barely had time to talk to you. And you were busy with your exams too. We live next to each other, but we don’t see each other anymore.

Then I walked down that road I always take every day to get to work. After crossing the street and walked a few meters more, I realized, you walked past me. I didn’t know whether you saw me or did I notice you. I just felt that you had been there.

Last night, I had a dinner with my girlfriend and she told me that I was spacing out. I told her I was just engrossed with work and I just needed enough sleep. When I got home, I saw you by the window, talking over the phone. I wonder who was it you’re talking to.

We used to be inseparable back then. I take care of you as my little sister. You look up to me as your big brother.  We always play together.

Now you’re here, in front of me, saying something I don’t understand. You were crying and I fumble for the right words to soothe your pain. But then you ran away.

I want to run after you, but…you felt like a stranger to me now…

…Or was it I?


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