shallow people get happy with toys

On my previous posts, I was feeling down and I still am, but not so.

Bottled up emotions are the worst.

Anyway, moving on, I found a way to a blissful life just this evening.

Sadly, I can’t get my target action figure as the seller doesn’t want to give up Mordred. Hmmp.

But next to Mordred, I also want an Okita so we settled on it.

It’s second hand but still sealed, so I thought it’s a good deal. It did alleviate my feelings and I was less lonely now.

I’m a very shallow person. Toys can uplift my spirit. I’m not gonna say that the void inside me cleared up, but nevertheless, I feel better now.

Advance happy birthday to me!

By the way, just to share. I tend to lie to my parents whenever I buy something for myself, especially anime-related stuff. I bought this at Php 6,200 but told my parents it’s just Php 3,000. 👌

Hahaha…never underestimate accountants. 😉


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