jbf album.jpg

It was said that music affects our mood, and it is a must that if you are feeling down, sad songs are just as DEADLY.

But since I’m this stubborn kid, I am currently playing “Just Be Friends” by Megurine Luka. Oh, not to mention I’m playing the piano solo and it’s instrumental. So you just imagine how gravely sad that is.

Here’s some of the lyrics of the song, by the way:


And it becomes more detrimental and toxic to my current state of mind. I know I should stop listening now…

But even if I do, it has already become an earworm that it continues to play on my mind despite shutting off my music player.

This is not healthy. This is not healthy. This is not healthy. THIS IS NOT SO HEALTHY!!!

Ugh. I need a great amount of rest. Now!


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