I badly needed a bear hug. And a pillow. And a glass of turmeric tea.

Now I was contemplating on whether to write in Filipino. But I guess English would be a better choice.

Rest. A brain rest would not be enough. An emotional rest would be preferable.

Again and again, I am feeling down. I seem to be stuck in this emotional roller coaster for a long while now. And it caused a chain reaction that even my eating habit is already affected.

I already lost my appetite, and sleep doesn’t seem to be enough. Reality has become a nightmare for me.

I wanted to express everything on Facebook, but Mom seem to watch my every move and I thought I can’t do that as well ‘coz the world has no care whatsoever about what I have to say. And I recently felt that even my blog is walking away from me.

My homeostasis is currently disturbed. I needed something and sadly, I don’t know what it is.

Maybe I should buy myself a turmeric tea. It may save me from my current state of mind.


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