scary laughs are extremely dangerous, so stay away from people who laugh like that because they’re insane

During college, when I got a failing grade on my exam, and I know I should cry, and everyone else does, I tried shutting off my emotions. I never knew I was so good at it that it actually surprised me. Then after which, my classmates and I got ourselves a chocolate shake, and then after the class, we watched movies in the multimedia room. We even forgot to take our lunch.

That day, I decided to cry once I get home.

And then guess what? On my way home, I was trying to rethink what happened, conditioning myself to cry then actually finding myself laughing at my own stupidity of choosing procrastination over studying. And then a week has passed, and I was not able to cry.

When I did, it didn’t last for a minute. I ended up laughing at myself again.

Hahaha…I’m screwed. And beyond salvation.


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