the Black Maria Clara+ (part 13)

“Black hair…fair skin…vermillion eyes…”


“An Eibarramendia.”

“They’re just a myth.”

“Oh really? But our history books say there was once a man named Amadeus Eibarramendia.”

“He’s just a legend…Ojousama.”

“His valor echoed across the seas it even reached Yamato. Didn’t he once ruled this city?”

“According to the legend, he is a hacendero. He supervises the rice field at the east of del Fuego.”

“He is a hacendero who ruled the majority of the people in del Fuego.”

“People who were actually natives of this land, and are now dead.”

“Why do you think Eibarramendia killed them?”

“He didn’t kill them. They were just caught up in the family’s internal strife.”

“And that’s according to the legend?”

“Yes. And also, according to the legend, Eibarramendias have crimson eyes, not vermillion.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Crimson looks like blood; while vermillion looks like fire.”

“Fufufu…Are you supposed to talk to your princess that way?”

“Pardon my rudeness, Ojousama.”

She did nothing but smile.

“Beauty, brains and brawn. The Eibarramendias are said to have all those three.”

“That’s why they’re nothing but legends, Ojousama.”

“You think a person cannot have all those three?”

“While it’s not impossible for an individual to have all those three characteristics, it is quite impossible for a whole clan to have all of them.”

“That’s why they had an internal strife. They are all wise, and beautiful, and strong in their own right and thus, cannot stand having someone who can rival their own.”

“And they annihilated their clan because of that.”

“And killed two-thirds of the populace.”

“Of natives, that is.”

“And after which, we came to save your city.”


“Fufufu…C’mon, relax! I’m not going to eat you.”


“What’s your name?”

“Hinaru Aragon, Ojousama.”

“Aragon. The same name as this state?”

“Yes, Ojousama.”

“How do you write Hinaru?”

“You write Hi with the kanji for “sun” (日) and Naru with the kanji for “to become”(成).”

“So it’s spelled in kanji already.”

“Majority of the babies nowadays have their names written in kanji. Iberian names and native names are rarely used. Besides, the natives are nothing but a quarter of the total population. In fact, seeing a pure native or a pure Iberian is also rare.”

“But you are a pure Iberian.”

“I’m an Iberian with a native blood, Ojousama.”

“No Yamato blood?”

“No Yamato blood.”
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