the Black Maria Clara+ (part 12)

How did it all end up like this?

The carabao is already in front of me, getting ready for an attack.

Wait. Why is it a carabao?!?

As far as I can remember, bulls are used in a tauromachy, not carabaos! Anyway, let’s just move on, ‘coz it doesn’t help in the situation. I have to think clearly.

First, the carabao is not to be killed. That’s the rule. Second, cattle don’t get annoyed with red, they’re colorblind. What stimulates their irritation is movement. Is there anything moving?


No. There’s one. My skirt. It’s flailing because of the wind. Oh shit.

I don’t want to dare look at the beast, but just to check, the carabao isn’t going…to…


How did it all end up like this?

Is there any place I can run to?

“Don’t run!”



“Kill the beast!”

“Kill the girl!”

Fuck you, people. Fuck you!

But anyhow, they’re right. Inasmuch as I don’t want to admit, they’re freakin’ right.

I shouldn’t just runaway and hope for a miracle. Although killing the carabao is an option, it is against the rules. I have to effin’ think…



I think it is indeed a miracle that it stopped, although just to regain its energy, and go for another attack. Guess I’m really good at running, eh?

Well actually, there’s no time for me to compliment myself in such a situation. I have to focus and make use of the time. Think.

No weapons around, not even something I can use like a stick. Stones? Well, there are a few, but too small. I doubt it’ll be useful. The arena is filled with nothing but sand. Falling won’t be painful, but if I’m stuck on one place, the beast will definitely go for the kill.


I cannot run for the rest of the fight. It’ll just exhaust me and definitely bore the princess. I have to think. What else could I use?


I’m so sorry, Tsumiki…But I have to get back at you…


I know you’re coming…

Guess having a glass eye is a blessing in disguise…or something of that sort. And this eye patch on my pocket…

It’s time.


Eleven meters….





Bull’s eye!

Have a good night sleep, buddy…


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