the Black Maria Clara+ (part 11)


Why. The fuck. Is the freakin’ door. CLOSED?!?


“Damn you, Tsumiki! I’ll kill you once I come out of this fuckin’ door! Open up! AHH!!!!”

And then viola! The door opened. In fact I was even crushed underneath it.

“Oh Hikkun~! Sorry, I was out—“

You’re not gonna live another second!

“Ack— you’ll…gonna…ki—“

“I will really kill you! Now!”


Cheers. Cheers everywhere. Oh yeah, I remembered. I was supposed to be the host of the princess’s welcome party. And where am I now?

“Oops, sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“Excuse me.”

“Uh, sorry.”

“Excuse, please.”

Just what the hell?!?

“Ah, excuse me… Please. Uh, sorry…”

Just a little bit more…


“You’re late.”


“Where have you been?”


“And now, for the main event. May I ask Ohimesama to please…”

All I can hear are the people’s cheers. The emcee’s voice was lost in the crowd. Though I can still make out his words…

“Choose the matador.”

Loud cheering. Here and there.

Can somebody silence them?


“Nah, I can’t.”

“Aren’t I have the right to choose?”


“Be the matador.”

Be the matador. Sorry, nothing’s registering on my brain.


“Yes, Señor?”

Then that’s the only time it all dawned on me.


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