Now even the title of this blog doesn’t seem to come to me, just WHY?!?


A scratch. A blank slate. That’s all there is to my story. Like what I’ve said earlier in my previous post, I can’t decide yet what will I write about. My story is nothing but backstories, characters, and a whole bunch of scattered ideas. Actually, as time passes by, the number of characters just increase, but there’s no progress whatsoever in my story.

Now, since I’m on a temporary hiatus, I’m doing some research (because I don’t have yet names for the setting, neither do names for the people…I mean, their races.)

In every post, I limit them to what is clear to my mind. If my mind stopped working, I end the story as well.

For now, I try to discover the story and let it unfold itself to me. Please join me in my journey to finishing the ‘novel’ I’ve always been dreaming to write.

By the way, for those who are interested to read my story, “the Black Maria Clara,” you may click the links below:


If ever you have some comments, suggestions, violent reactions, constructive criticisms (or even negative ones) and advice, kindly comment them below. I wanna know what are your thoughts =)



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