the Black Maria Clara, part 9

Indeed, the cake tasted good. And it did have an alcohol content. And it did made my head ache. And it did make me go to sleep right away.

No. It actually didn’t.

It’s already 2 AM and my eyes are still open…wide open in fact.

“What shall I do now…?”

Maybe closing my eyes would do.


“Whoa! I really can’t sleep!”

A few more minutes passed. I did nothing but stared at the ceiling.

“Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.”


It’s just a Black Forest cake. Why give it a tongue-twister name?

“Maybe I should ask him tomorrow…”

No. Looking back, I only have a few, almost nil, memories of Tsumiki answering my questions. He might not answer this time again. Or if ever he did answer, it would probably be just a bluff.

Ahh…I wonder when will I be able to fall asleep…?


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