the Black Maria Clara, part 4

“Why are you here?”

“What’s wrong with me being here?”

“You’re driving my customers away. You scare them.”

“This beautiful face? Oh really?”

“Don’t you have work today?”

“I do. Just preparing for the princess’s arrival next week.”

“The princess?”

“Yeah. Princess Inori. Surely you know her.”


It’s been a week since Señor gave me his instructions. Prepare for the princess’s arrival. I should do a lot of errands like this.

“So what do you plan for her arrival?”

“Set up a small show for her.”


“I have no idea yet. What do you suggest?”

“WHAT?!? The princess is coming next week and you haven’t had the slightest idea of what to do yet?!?”


“You’re screwed.”

“Ever since.”

He did nothing but glare at me in return.

“Actually…that’s the very reason I am here. Aren’t you good with this kinds of things?”

“I’m only good at customizing things.”

“Exactly. Now I want to you customize a welcome party for the princess.”

“Who are you to boss me around?”

“I’ll pay you well!”




“The Governor-General would behead me if—“

“Then just die.”

“Would you be able to go on with your life once you lose your beautiful friend?”

“Are we even friends?”

“So we’re lovers?”

“Where the hell do you get your confidence?”

“From Jupiter?”


“Okay fine, kidding aside. I really need your help.”

And so here’s the plan. We’ll set up a tauromachy… with a catch. Of course, there’s the bull, but the matador will be randomly picked by the princess. And the bull shouldn’t be killed as well. Don’t get us wrong. We will set up safety measures just in case the princess chose a commoner. But Tsumiki assured me that the princess wouldn’t resort to that. It seems that this vamp knows a lot about the princess. No, I take it back. This vamp knows a lot about almost everything.


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