the Black Maria Clara, part 3

Ahh… I wonder what the heck am I doing here?

Señor doesn’t seem to have any instruction for me. Should I leave him now?


“Yes, Señor?”

“I need my hot choco now.”

“Okay, Señor.”

Why does he love chocolates? Aren’t he supposed to love coffee or tea instead? Why chocolate?!?

“Today is Valentine’s Day, right?”

…who cares?

“Will my hot choco take long?”

“Here, Señor.”

“Thank you.”

He took a sip of his hot choco and made a sour face after that.

“You didn’t prepare it with love.”

“I’ll sue you for sexual harassment.”

“I’ll have your head chopped off before that happens.”

“Then make sure I don’t kill you first before dispatching my head.”

“You should be more polite since I’m your boss. Notwithstanding the fact that I’m also the Governor-General of this state. You should remember that.”

“Never did I forget.”

“Then why are you so rude to me?”

“Then why do you like young girls? Are you a pedophile?”


“Drink what?”

“My hot choco.”

“And why?”

“Because I said so.”


“You should taste it. It’s bitter.”

“All the more I shouldn’t drink.”

“Get out of my room, you annoy me.”

“I was waiting for you say that.”

But just before I leave…

“No, I changed my mind. Stay where you are.”

This man really is… ARGGHHH!!!

No. It’s just all in my head. There’s no way I can have such conversation with this man.


“Yes, Señor?”

“Princess Inori will be coming here on the fortnight.”

The princess…?

“As you know, the crown prince is still missing for years now, and the king’s health doesn’t get any better.”

“Why can’t Princess Inori take the crown? Isn’t she older than Prince Sakebi?”

“The customs of the monarchs are none of our business. Anyway, we should prepare for her arrival. I expect you to take care of that.”

“Yes, Señor.”

Another troublesome fellow…

“By the way, Hinaru…”

“What is it, Señor?”

“My hot choco…”


I almost forgot….!

Anyway, this man I am serving is the current Governor-General of the state of Aragon, Gov. Gen. Ichiro Seiji (征治 一郎, Seiji Ichirou). I don’t know if it was mere coincidence or if it was made up, but his name really fits his position. Ichiro Seiji…a government subdued by one man…


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