the Black Maria Clara, part 2


The path to work seems like forever. Why is it that I should go to work every day? I’m pretty sure the Governor-General can handle himself just as fine. I mean seriously, would you believe a 17-year-old girl being a body guard of a 27-year-old Governor-General?! Sounds absurd, right? But yeah, it’s a real thing. I’m serious here, okay, don’t laugh!

Well, not necessarily “body guard,” but rather, body guard/ attendant/ secretary/ nanny/ errand girl/ whatever-you-think-appropriate. A basic all-rounder beside the Governor-General, always there in case he’s in need of anything.

On how I ended up here, it’s all thanks to my super influential friend, Tsumiki, who happens to own this weird shop called “Anything Customized”

“Oh Hikkun~!” ^-^

“Don’t call me Hikkun!” -_-

“Ehh~ but it’s cute!” >_<

“You make it sound like I’m a boy.” -_-

“But you are a boy.” ^3^

“Shut up, bitch!” -_-*

“I’m not a bitch.” -.-

“Because you have balls? Do you think I cannot call you a bitch because of that?” -_-*

“You’re rude.” -.-

“Try facing the mirror first.” -_-

“Why the hell are you here?” -_-*

Oh yeah, his vampire eyes now glaring at me…This will be fun~ ^-^

“Here.” -.-

“Seriously Hikkun, how could you?” -_-*

“Well…” -_-“


“Anina, stop playing with my glass eye.”

“But it’s really amazing, Neechama, it looks like a real eye. Just a little bit creepy though…”

“Give that to me, I need to go now…”


“Oh c’mon… Gimme that! Ahh—”

*flashback end*

“You shouldn’t have snatched it.” -_-

“It was an accident.” -_-

“No, you did that on purpose.” -_-

“I didn’t.” -.-

“How many times do I have to tell you that—“ -_-*

“I have to take care of my glass eye…yeah, yeah, you’ve said that for like, one million times already!” -_-

“Liar!” -_-*

“Yeah it’s true.” -.-

“Prove.” -.-

“Oh dude, just make me a new one, okay? I’ll come back to get it this afternoon.” -_-*

“You don’t have to. Here.” -.-

“Whoa! How did you…?” O_O

“Oh c’mon, you break your glass eye almost everyd—“ -_-

“Thanks! I’m leaving now!” ^-^

“Hey, I’m not yet done speaking!” -_-*

No need to hear the rest, chibi vampire.


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